Gobold Updated1

Gobold High

“Look and feel! Look slim, high, and eye candy. Present a beauty of visual appealing!” That’s how I describe Gobold High, the condensed types of Gobold font.

I have uploaded the updated file of Gobold fonts (Version 1.100) and added 12 variants (Gobold High Regular,Bold, Thin; Gobold Uplow; Gobold Lowplus; and  Gobold Extra1).

Gobold Fonts are free for personal use. For Commercial Use, contact me or directly donate by hit the donation button on  Dafont or 1001fonts where you can download Gobold fonts.

Gobold High Picture-1 Gobold High Picture-2 Gobold High Picture-3

See the Gobold Hight Visual on Prezi (Gobold High Font -Kinetic Typography)

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HEADSOME & modif

Headsome & modif

Headsome & Modif is a fancy various font, one of my creative fonts/types in which I combined the formal one as uppercase and stylish one as lowercase as the modification of the uppercase. In “Headsome & modif Cut1″ type, creatively  I put a cut at each glyph to make it more impressive and decorative. Ideally, the uppercase of these fonts are best for “handsome” headline and the lowercase or the combination of upper & lower for flexible attractive design.

Headsome & modif and Headsome & modif Cut1 are free for personal use. Donate for commercial use. Download at http://www.dafont.com/headsome-modif.font